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Twenty-four solar terms - winter solstice


Twenty-four solar terms - winter solstice

(Summary description)

Twenty-four solar terms - winter solstice

(Summary description)

  The Winter Solstice is a very important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar,and it is also a traditional festival.There are still many places where the custom of celebrating the Winter Solstice is still present.The winter solstice is commonly known as"Winter Festival","Changzhi Festival","Asian Years"and so on.As early as the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2,500 years ago,our country has used Tugui to observe the sun to determine that the winter solstice is coming,which is the earliest one of the twenty-four solar terms.The time is between December 22nd or 23rd of the solar calendar every year.
  The winter solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.After the winter solstice,the days become longer day by day.The ancients said that the winter solstice is:the arrival of the cathode,the beginning of yang,the arrival of the sun in the south,the arrival of short days,and the arrival of long shadows,so it is called"winter solstice".After the winter solstice,the climate in various places enters a coldest stage,which is often referred to as"Jiujiu".There is a folk saying in our country that"cold is in Sanjiu and hot in Sanfu".
  Modern astronomical science has determined that the sun directly hits the Tropic of Cancer on the winter solstice,and the sun is most inclined to the northern hemisphere.The northern hemisphere has the shortest day and the longest night.After this day,the sun gradually moves north again.
  In ancient my country,the winter solstice was very important,and the winter solstice was regarded as a big festival.It is said in the"Han":"When the yang qi rises in the winter solstice,the ruler and the road are long,so congratulations."celebrate."Book of Jin"records that"the winter solstice of Wei and Jin is congratulated by all countries and Bailuo...Its ritual is inferior to that of Zhengdan."It shows that the ancient times attached great importance to the winter solstice.
  Now,some places also take the winter solstice as a festival.In the northern region,there is the custom of slaughtering sheep,eating dumplings,and eating wontons during the winter solstice.In the southern region,there is a custom of eating winter solstice rice balls and winter solstice long-line noodles on this day.Various regions also have the custom of offering sacrifices to the heavens and ancestors on the winter solstice.
  The winter solstice festival originated in the Han Dynasty,flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties,and has been around since then."Qing Jialu"even has the saying that"the winter solstice is as big as the year".This shows that the ancients attached great importance to the winter solstice.People believe that the winter solstice is the natural transformation of yin and yang,a blessing from God.In the Han Dynasty,the winter solstice was regarded as the"Winter Festival",and the government held a congratulatory ceremony called"Hedong"and had a regular holiday.There is such a record in the"Book of the Later Han":"Around the winter solstice,the gentleman is in peace and quiet,all officials are in complete trouble,he does not listen to government,chooses auspicious days and then saves his troubles."Therefore,on this day,the court will have a holiday and rest,the army will be on standby,the frontier fortress will be closed,and the business and travel will be closed.,relatives and friends give food to each other,visit each other,and happily spend a"quiet and quiet"festival.
  During the Tang and Song dynasties,the winter solstice was the day to sacrifice to the sky and ancestors.On this day,the emperor would go to the suburbs to hold a grand ceremony to worship the sky.On this day,the people would worship their parents and elders.There are still some places to celebrate the winter solstice on this day.
  The winter solstice is one of the most important solar terms in health preservation,mainly because of the"winter solstice one yang birth".From the winter solstice to the minor cold and the major cold,it is the coldest season.People suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure tend to get sicker,more people suffering from"stroke",and it is easy to get frostbite in cold weather.
  Therefore,in the cold winter season,for patients with hypertension,arteriosclerosis,and coronary heart disease,it is necessary to be especially vigilant to prevent attacks,and the following preventive measures should be taken:
  1.Pay attention to cold protection and warmth.When the temperature drops below 0℃,it is necessary to add clothes in time.The clothes and trousers should not only keep warm,but also soft and loose.
  2.Reasonably adjust the diet and daily life,do not drink,do not smoke,and do not overwork.
  3.Maintain a good mood,emotional stability and happiness,avoid anger,impatience and mental depression.
  4.Carry out appropriate cold-proof exercises,such as washing your face with cold water,etc.,to improve the body's adaptability to cold and cold tolerance.
  5.Observe and pay attention to the changes of the condition at any time,go to the hospital for examination regularly,take necessary medicines,control the development of the condition,and prevent problems before they occur.
  In the severe winter season,we should also pay attention to the hypothermia of the elderly.Hypothermia is defined as 35°C,and those below 35°C are hypothermic.Because the elderly may have no discomfort and pain after hypothermia,they are often easily overlooked.In elderly patients with hypothermia,the onset is usually slow and even life-threatening without obvious symptoms.Such patients generally do not have chills,but if they are not treated in time,they will become confused.The language was slurred,followed by a coma,and the body temperature dropped below 30°C.At this time,the patient's pulse and breathing were very weak,blood pressure plummeted,facial swelling,muscle stiffness,and a cooling sensation on the skin.Therefore,in the cold winter,the elderly's living room should take measures to prevent cold and keep warm.

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