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Twenty-four solar terms - Xiaohan


Twenty-four solar terms - Xiaohan

(Summary description)

Twenty-four solar terms - Xiaohan

(Summary description)

  Xiaohan solar term,the 23rd solar term in the twenty-four solar terms.When it is cold,the sun moves to 285°ecliptic longitude.After the minor cold,my country's climate began to enter the coldest period of the year.As the saying goes,cold air accumulates for a long time and becomes cold.At this time,the weather is cold,and the great cold has not yet reached the extreme point,so it is called Xiaohan.
  The origin of the name of the Xiaohan solar term is explained in"The Collection of the Seventy-two Hours of the Moon Order":"The December festival,the cold at the beginning of the month is still small,so it is cloudy and the half moon is big."The weather is cold but has not reached the extreme meaning.It is the same as the big cold,the small heat,the big heat and the summer heat,which are all solar terms that indicate the change of temperature.The characteristic of the Xiaohan solar term is that it is cold,but it is not cold to the extreme.After the winter solstice,the cold air frequently moves south,and the temperature continues to drop.
  The traditional customs of the Xiaohan solar term
  Laba Festival
  Laba Festival,which is the eighth day of the 12th lunar month every year,is also known as the"Dharma Treasure Festival","Buddha Enlightenment Festival","Enlightenment Meeting"and so on.Originally a Buddhist festival to commemorate the enlightenment of Sakyamuni Buddha,it has gradually become a folk festival.The Laba Festival is mainly popular in northern China,and the festival custom is to drink Laba porridge.
  eat sticky rice
  In Guangzhou,Xiaohan eats sticky rice this morning.Glutinous rice is not as simple as cooking glutinous rice.It will be accompanied by fried"la-mei"(the Cantonese commonly call sausage and bacon as"la-mei"),coriander,chopped green onion and other ingredients.It tastes particularly fragrant."Lawei"is a must for cooking glutinous rice.On the one hand,it has high fat content and is resistant to cold;on the other hand,the glutinous rice itself is sticky and the rice has a strong smell.It needs some oils and fats to taste good.
  Counting ninety-nine through the cold winter
  Numeral Nine,also known as Dongjiujiu,is an ancient folk method of calculating cold weather.The method of calculating cold days by Shujiu has been handed down by word of mouth among the people in our country.
  Osamu's Precautions
  1.Pay attention to warm feet
  Chinese medicine believes that cold feet will inevitably affect the internal organs,which can lead to diarrhea,irregular menstruation,impotence,waist and leg pain and other symptoms.Citizens can wash their feet with warm water before going to bed,and rub the soles of their feet 100-200 times to invigorate the kidneys and the brain.
  2.Beware of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  "Cold is a yin evil,and it often hurts yang."The yang of the human body is like the sun in the sky,giving nature light and warmth.Without it,all things cannot survive.Modern medicine also believes that people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay attention to preventing colds and avoid induced diseases,such as coronary heart disease,which is easy to induce angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.
  3.Pay attention to emotion regulation
  Chinese medicine believes that anger increases Qi and disturbs Yang Qi.Therefore,to prevent the occurrence of seasonal affective disorder in winter.The so-called seasonal affective disorder refers to that some people are prone to emotional depression,lethargy,lethargy,etc.in winter,and this phenomenon occurs year after year,which is more common in young people,especially women.The way to prevent it is to get more sunlight to prolong the light time,which is a natural remedy for recuperating emotions.

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